Nice to meet You on our website! We hope to become your helpers and friends. But first of all, let’s get acquainted -who we are and what do we offer.

We are the parents of four kids. Raising them, we have accumulated a lot of experience in the child equipment, toys and other things they need. Your  Kids are growing rather quickly, the
range of baby equipment and toys is very large, that’s why the young parents can get lost in a wide range of products and their manufacturers, it is not so easy to understand what is really necessary for a new (especially first) baby and what is possible to do without.

First, You need a considerable amount of time to find information about each product and it’s price in order to choose one. Second, You purchase it and often spent a considerable sum of money, and finally, the object takes place in Your home. It is well, if selected item of baby equipment really comes in handy while growing kids or if Your kid is interested in an expensive toy  for more than a day or a week.

However, often it happens otherwise – purchased equipment does not meet your expectations or You need it very rarely, for example while travelling, or a new toy which was joyfully greeted by the baby after a few days does not cause any interest, but only complements the pile of toys.

Little children are growing and developing very fast, so they need more and more new, exciting, educational toys. Some of the baby equipment is needed for a short period of time, or just for the journey. So parents are spending plenty of they time and money while choosing and purchasing these items. Moreover then they must keep and handle all this “children’s wealth” in their house, what is a real problem in the small homes.

When we had faced all these problems we’ve got an idea to help other families – to offer children’s toys and equipment rental service.

So, we offer a simplier solution for the new parents:

  1. rent the necessary equipment or a toy;
  2. make sure You really need to have the certain equipment or a toy and then buy it, OR
  3. use it for some time and return, changing to another – thus ensuring a variety of toys for your child both as saving Your money and space at home.



So, why purchase and store, if you can rent?


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We buy, store and clean - you use, enjoy and saves. We together contribute to sustainable development and reduction of consumerism!

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