Jane baby walker

Kaina: 20 Eur/1 month

  • Multi-activity tray;
  • High quality plastic;
  • Seat unit that’s adjustable to three different height positions;
  • Built-in safety device that stops the walker when faced with a step;
  • Flexible protector around the lower base which protects your furniture by stopping it from hitting and scraping against doors and walls;
  • New extremely quiet silicone wheels, ideal for parquet (wooden) flooring;
  • Easily foldable,  dimensions of the folded walker 67x72x42 cm.

Jane is great and safe walker for Your baby!


Laikotarpis: Kaina:
1 savaitė7 EUR
2 savaitės12 EUR
3 savaitės16 EUR
1 mėnuo20 EUR
2 mėnesiai35 EUR
3 mėnesiai40 EUR

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