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We are pleased to introduce You our special service – childs’ equipment and toys rental!

Bringing up the children needs a number of acessories, toys and equipment in their care, which fit to the different periods of a child’s growth. But little children are growing and developing very rapidly, especially during the first years of their lifeTherefore, certain items, technical and other equipment is needed for a short period of time, or just for travel. Moreover, kids seek to have new and exciting toys in order to develop their curiosity and senses. Parents need to spend much time  and money choosing the new toys and other goods for their babies, moreover they must to load all this “children’s wealth” in their own home.

Why to buy, store, if you can hire?

We – buy, store, clean; Your little ones – enjoying, playing; You are saving time, money, and a place in the House!

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We buy, store and clean - you use, enjoy and saves. We together contribute to sustainable development and reduction of consumerism!

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